Jesus in the Gospel of John (9.24-41)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 22/100)

Thank you for praying! What you are doing is very important and makes a difference. Please keep praying daily.

Pray that our testimonies would be more about Jesus than they are about us

Pray that we will not buckle under the pressure of those who would challenge our faith

Pray for Fort Knox (Staff: Keith and Andrea Bester, Dorothy and Lance Platt, Jim and Rachel Webster)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (9.24-41)

Jesus’ righteousness was questioned by the religious leaders 24

He healed the blind man 25

His origin was a mystery to the religious leaders 29

He was God-fearing and did the Father’s will 31

He was heard by the Father 31

He was the first to heal a person born blind 32

He was from God 33

He went to find the blind man just like he went to find the cripple 35

He compels the blind man to declare his belief 35

He tells the blind man that He is the Son of Man 37

He allowed the blind man to worship Him (sign of His Deity) 38

He comes into the world to give true sight to the humble and to blind those who are proud 30

He wants us to confess our sin so that He may give us sight and be forgiven 41

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