Jesus in the Gospel of John (10.22-42)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 19/100)

Pray we will do the works of God and people will believe in Jesus through them

Pray for our soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places

Pray for Fort Lewis (Staff: Wesley and Johnena Drake, Isaac and Linsey Fones, Andrew and Cindy Stroud)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (10.22-42)

Jesus continue to go to the temple where His life was in danger and teach the people 23

He had not satisfied the people with plain answers 24

He feels like He had made it abundantly clear to them through word and deed 25

He says the reason they are not getting it is because they don’t believe and the reason they don’t believe is because they are not His sheep 26-27

He gives eternal life to His sheep and no one can take them away from Him 28

He was given these sheep by the Father and no one can take them away from the Father either 29

He and the Father are one 30

He was sought to be killed again 31

He always referred to His good works as His defense 32

He retorts their arguments with the scripture 33-35

He was sanctified by the Father and sent into the world 36

He is the Son of God 36

His proof for His oneness with the Father is His works 37-38

He eluded the clutches of death again 39

He left Jerusalem because is wasn’t safe (and it wasn’t His time) 40

He was believed by many 41-42

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