Jesus in the Gospel of John (11.1-29)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 18/100)

Pray that we would trust God with our circumstances to glorify God

Pray that as we share Jesus’ incredible love for mankind that those we share it with would embrace it.

Pray for Fort Meade (Staff: Roger and Danielle Cotton, Jack and Melissa Farris)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (11.1-29)

Jesus was anointed by Mary and she wiped His feet with her hair 2

He loved Lazarus 3

Jesus knew the future 4

He focused on the glory of God 4

He love Mary, Martha, and Lazarus 5

He let Lazarus die 6

He wanted to head back to raise Lazarus from the dead 7-15

He went back to a dangerous place 8

He knew how much time He had on earth 9-10

He spoke in parables 11-13

He clarifies what He means by Lazarus being dead and that it was for their good 14

His disciples thought they were going back to be killed with Him 16

He heads back to Bethany and is met by a grieving Martha 17-20

He was trusted by Martha that He had the ability to heal her brother 21

He was even trusted by Martha to raise Lazarus from the dead 22

He tells her the Lazarus will rise again 23

He is the resurrection and the life 25

He is the giver of life 25-26

He is the Christ, the Son of God who was sent into the world 27

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