Jesus in the Gospel of John (12.1-26)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 29/100)

Pray that we would be willing to sacrifice our greatest treasures to Jesus Christ

Pray that people would seek us out to discover who Jesus is

Pray for Ft Polk and Rucker (Staff: Kevin and Shannon Lambert, Alan and Liz Simmons)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (12.1-26)

Jesus went to visit His friends 6 days before Passover 1

He was reclining at the table with Lazarus 2

He was anointed with expensive perfume by Mary 3

He had a disciple who intended to betray Him 4

He had a disciple who was a liar and a thief 5-6

He knew He would die soon 7

He states that He would not be with them physically much longer 8

He was attracting large crowds 9

He and Lazarus were marked as dead men by the religious leaders 10

His raising Lazarus from the dead was pivotal in mass belief 11

He drew large crowds at the feast in Jerusalem 12

He was being proclaimed King by the people 13

He fulfilled Scripture by getting a donkey and riding into Jerusalem 15

He did thing that the disciples would not understand until later 16

He was being testified to by the people 17

His raising Lazarus continued to be a pivotal sign 18

He really ticked off the Pharisees 19

He was sought out by the gentiles 20-21

He knew His time had come with the converging events 23

His time had come to be glorified 23

He knew His death would result in even more people believing 24

He states this “death” principle for His disciple’s sake as well 24

His true servants follow Him and are honored by the Father 26

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