Jesus in the Gospel of John (11.30-57)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 24/100)

Pray that we would believe Jesus for the biggest things

Pray that we would respond wisely to persecution

Pray for Ft Monroe (Staff: Stephen and Annette Harmon, Dan and Celeste Williams)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (11.30-57)

Jesus was called The Teacher 28

He avoided the crowds by staying on the outskirts of town 30

He was called Lord 32

He was moved to compassionate emotion 33-35, 38

He was known for His love 36

He was chastised for His inaction 37

He knew what He was doing 39-40

He knew He would bring glory to God 40

Jesus prayed to the Father and knew that He heard Him 41

He prayed out loud for the benefit of the people 42

He called out Lazarus with a loud voice 43

He raised Lazarus from the dead 44

He was believed in by some (even after raising the dead) 45

He was reported to the Authorities by others 46

He caused the religious leaders great fear because He was doing so many miraculous signs 47

He was gaining momentum with the people 48

He was prophesied over by the High Priest 49-52

He would die for Israel and all those scattered abroad 52

He avoided those who wanted to kill Him 54

He was sought by the people at the feast 55-56

He had a warrant out for His arrest 57

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