Jesus in the Gospel of John (13.1-20)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 28/100)

Pray that we would love the people God has allowed us to serve to the very end

Pray that we would learn how to serve like Jesus did

Pray for Ft Stewart (Staff: Cecil and Jeanie Bean, Duane and Angela Dayutis, Erik and Corby Hoyle, John and Sarah Beth Kreitzer)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (13.1-20)

Jesus know the time of His death 1

He loved the men that the Father had given Him to the very end of His life 1

He knew the Father had given Him all things 3

He knew He was going back to God 3

He served the disciples by washing their feet 4-5

He told Peter that he would understand His actions later 7

He has to wash the reluctant Peter’s feet so that they would be bound together 8

He declares Peter and the other disciples (minus Judas) completely spiritually clean 10

He knew who would betray Him 11

He asks if they understood what He had just done for them 12

He is teacher and Lord 14

He washed their feet as teacher and Lord and instructed them to do the same for others 14

He gave them an example to follow 15

He is greater then His disciples 16

He said the disciples would be blessed if they practiced this principle 17

He knew who would betray Him and the scripture to back it up 18

He told the disciples the future so they would believe He is who He says He is 19

He is received by those who receive His disciples 20

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