Jesus in the Gospel of John (16.1-15)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 32/100)

Pray that we would stay the course in our faith and not stumble

Pray that we would understand the words and ways of Jesus as the Holy Spirit reveals Him to us

Pray for the other three Branches of Service (Directors: Navy – Andrew Stroud, Air Force – Darren Lindblom, USMC – Mike Darnell)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (16.1-15)

Jesus has spoke to keep us from stumbling 1

He knows that His followers will be killed (and allows it) 2

He is not known nor the Father by these murderers 3

He’s giving them a heads up so they will remember and have faith 4

He returned to the Father 5

His presence was cherished by His disciples 6

He knows the disciples will be better off with the presence of the Holy Spirit 7

He is the one in whom the Holy Spirit convicts men’s consciences of their sin 8-9

He had a lot to tell the disciples but He didn’t because they were emotionally unable to bear it 12

He will be glorified by the Holy Spirit and be revealed by Him 14

His being and all that He is will be disclosed by the Father 15

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