Jesus in the Gospel of John (16.16-33)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 34/100)

Pray that we would clearly understand Jesus and His intent

Pray that we would rest in the joy and peace He promises

Pray for the other members of the Military Leaders Team (Wesley Drake, Bill Veilleaux, Gregg Elmendorf, Rich Robinson)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (16.16-33)

Jesus cryptically told them about His resurrection 16

His disciples didn’t understand this 17-19

He understands the pains and joys of child-birth 21

He will give them joy y rising from the dead 22

He will give us what we ask of the Father in His Name 23

He wants to make our joy full be praying in His name 24

He can make our joy full 24

He would speak to them clearly at the proper time 25

He we loved by His disciples and they believed He came from the Father 27

He came from the Father to the world and returned to the Father 28

He was speaking plainly to His disciples and they said they believed 29

He questions their belief 31

He knew His disciples would abandon Him 32

He knew the Father would be with Him 32

He told them about the future so that they would have peace 33

He has overcome the world 33

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