Jesus in the Gospel of John (19.23-42)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 29/100)

Lord Jesus, thank you for Your sovereign death on the cross to cover all our sins with Your blood. Help us to respond to this great gift by being disciples who live their lives in the open, freely proclaiming your love, power, and lordship. We pray for Fort Eustis that many soldiers would come to these same conclusions about Jesus (Staff: Laurin and Marilyn White)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (19.23-42)

He was crucified by soldiers 23

His garments were gambled for by the soldiers fulfilling Scripture 23-25

His mother and other women witnessed His death 25

He gave care of His mother to a disciple He loved (John) 26-27

He continued to fulfill Scripture in His death 28

He was given sour wine to drink 28-29

He knew when He had completed all that He was meant to do 30

He died on the cross 30

He was not in “control” of the next fulfilled prophecy 31-37

His legs were not broken 33

His side was pierced through with a spear 34

His disciple witnessed this 35

He was the recipient of circumstantial fulfillment of the Scriptures 36-37

He had secret disciples 38

His body was buried by His secret disciple (Joseph of Arimathea) 38

His other secret disciple, Nicodemus, brought the burial spices 39

He was buried according to the custom of the Jews 40

He was buried in a new tomb on the Jewish day of preparation 41-42

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