Read Matthew 12.22-32

He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.(Matthew 12.30)


Remember playing sandlot kickball, soccer, or baseball when you were a kid? Usually two captains are chosen (the cool guys) and then they pick their teammates, alternating between one captain and the other. After about five or six picks, you could tell which team was going to win and you would secretly pray that the winning captain would pick you. Spiritually, there are two captains: Jesus and Satan (one of them not so cool). And theyre picking their teammates. But here’s where things are different. First, the Bible tells us which team is going to win. And second, you have a choice on which team you’re going to be on. Now some may say, I dont want either team” or I dont want to play. By default, that person is automatically put on the losing team. I dont make the rules, I just publish them.

How are you helping others pick the winning Captain?

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