Neil’s First Attempt at the 8 Commands

We are now 10 weeks into trying to start a Jesus movement and we are seeing a lot of encouraging signs. This was the first fruits of Neil’s labor after spending the day before in a local Dunkin Donuts sharing the gospel. He’s on vacation in Peoria for a couple of weeks so he’ll have to hand the discussion group off to a brand new believer. Pray that Tommy will not only give his life completely to Jesus as his King but that he will begin laboring for him as well.


It went well. I didn’t pay close enough attention before I started so I didn’t ask the four questions about each verse- instead I asked them to sum up how the verses applied to the questions they were under. We had two guys, Tommy who said he wanted to make Jesus his king and he prayed a prayer of repentance and seems really serious and his buddy Chris who grew up in an evangelical church but hasn’t done anything with it. Chris agreed with me that he was still just checking Jesus out so I didn’t give him the challenge to apply it. The study went smooth. I didn’t have to teach almost at all. Between the two of them they were able to get to the point on almost every verse (or at least if I continued to ask clarifying questions). I think Tommy is excited about handing his life over to Jesus. We are going to try and meet again on Thursday and I told him he’d be leading the group then and I’d help him.

Thanks again for praying. My expectation of this group are low but I do believe that if Tommy gives his life truly to Jesus you might see a multiplying GCG here in Peoria.

For the Glory of the King,


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