Principle #7 – Train Every Believer to Minister and Focus on Those who Actually Do

One of the major distinctions between a Disciple-Making Community and other religious communities is that the entire DMC makes disciples of Jesus. This is not the efforts of just a few gifted individuals. Disciple-Making is a community effort and everyone in the community is engaged in using his or her spiritual gifts to make disciple both individually and corporately. When asked if they are a “priest”, every individual in the DMC’s response should be YES! It stands to reason that those with more experience and skill will equip those with less. But even the youngest disciple is being trained and actively sharing their faith. There is no waiting period before one is expected to put the love and truth they learned into action. Immediate application is one of the most effective elements employed to further the individuals growth and training. Those who are unwilling to participate in the disciple-making process should not be allowed to drain the resources of those who are. We will certainly help those in need, this is a very real part of making disciples. But as Jesus focused His attention on a few as the future disciple making ministry, we should follow His example. Train everyone, focus on those who are applying what they know. (Matthew 4.19, 28.18-20, Luke 8.21,38-39 10.2, Ephesians 4.11-13, 1 Peter 2.9, Revelation 1.6)
If you’d like help developing a Disciple-Making Community, please contact me at charleswood1 at Gmail.
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