The Gospel Boomerang

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (Mark 1.1)

It was a very simple question posed to a group of Christian leaders; Gary asked, “When is the last time you shared Jesus?” A surge of pride welled up in my chest as I reflected on my flight out the day before. I was too “humble” to answer out loud, but “yesterday” was my answer. Then the Holy Spirit went to work in my heart. A still small voice asked, “And when was the time before that?”

I couldn’t remember. My thoughts shifted from pride to anger towards Gary. “How dare this guy judge me!” The Holy Spirit was still working. “Is that right? Is he the problem?”

My anger melted into shame. The Spirit was right; Gary was right, and I was wrong. I had not shared the good news with anyone except that one guy on the plane in a very long time. After the meeting, and sorting out my emotions, I resolved to share the gospel daily for seven days. There was a street corner four blocks from where we lived that was an urban mix of residential and businesses. People were always just hanging out. So every day for seven days I made my way down the hill and shared the gospel the best I knew how. Seven days turned into ten which turned into thirty which turned into six months. I had developed an almost automatic response. If people would engage in the most minute of conversation, I would eventually turn it to Jesus. And here’s the kicker: I only know of one person that prayed and received Christ. But the love of God was like a boomerang. I’d throw the gospel boomerang at others only to have it make its way back around to me. I was the one being transformed. We often think of sharing the gospel as a benefit to others. But maybe, just maybe, Jesus intended the gospel for both the listener AND the preacher. Thank you Holy Spirit and thank you Gary!

Call to Action: When is the last time you shared Jesus? Take time to pray right now and ask Jesus when and who you should share the gospel with. If you need a little help on what to say, check out this short video:

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