You got to gig ‘em – Frog Gigging (Lesson 2)

So now as I shined my flashlight in the water I could see the four bumps, that was a frog. I had identified my target. But as I would thrust my gig at the frog, it would jump away so fast the only thing I was hitting was water and a bruised ego. My friend came over once again and asked what was wrong. I told him, “These frogs are smart, they jump out of the way every time.” “Oh,” he said “You’ve got to aim the gig right in front of them. If you lead them, they will jump right into the gig and you’ll stick ‘em every time.” So I took the advice of my expert frog gigging disciple-maker and wah-lah, I got my first frog! And then another one and another one. I was pulling frogs out of the water like no body’s business. The same goes for the disciple-maker that can accurately identify the 4th soil person but then you have to gig ‘em. Well, that sounds a little violent so let’s say, you have to “win ‘em” That’s what you are trying to do, win their hearts. Let’s go back to Jesus. He demonstrated a keen sense of the Father’s will, He was supernaturally astute, He displayed supernatural abilities, loved people extravagantly, He was a master of the Word of God and a man of prayer, and these are just a few of His qualities. In other words, Jesus was a 4th Soil man and attracted 4 Soil people. Now that’s a pretty high bar but we can start by looking at Jesus and trying to become like Him. As we mature, people notice. If you want to win the hearts of the 4th Soil person you must be 4th Soil yourself (or at least one step ahead of the prospective disciple you wish to train). When 4th Soil people see a person walking with Jesus consistently and effectively, they are naturally drawn to you because they want what you got. Are you getting it, Jesus I mean?

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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