So You Want to be a Disciple-Maker?

So you want to be a Marine? (Part 1)

“Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”

(2 Timothy 2.3)

I love the age-old question asked of every United States Marine; “So you want to be a Marine?” This question is asked from the moment they step in the recruiter’s office to the march across the parade field as new graduates from the USMC Boot Camp. The question challenges the will and brings everything into focus when the tough times come (and they WILL come, the Marine Corps guarantees that). Recruits may have had an inkling of what they signed up for beforehand but their Drill Instructors (DI) will continually bring crystal clear focus to their identity every arduous step of the way. I believe Jesus did the same with His “would be” disciples. He taught them, He warned them, He challenged them, and He consoled them. And then He gave them an even tougher assignment; “What I have done for you, go and do for others.” (Mt 28.18-20 paraphrased) We know how tough Boot Camp is for the recruits but what is transparent to many people is that being a Drill Instructor (DI) is no walk in the park either. Having been a Ranger Instructor in the US Army, I am very familiar with trying to mold people into something every fiber of their being resists. Like the recruits, the DI has to endure the excruciating hours, the nasty weather, punishing physical demands, and worst of all, Ground Hog Day (Once you have shaped the first batch, the next batch comes in on their heals and the process repeats over and over again). And let me warn you, like being a DI, being a good Disciple-Maker will challenge your socks off! Are we really up for the challenge? I hope so because there is really no choice as a follower of Jesus Christ. You want to be a disciple-maker, so let’s get started…

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