So You Want to Be a Disciple-Maker (Part 3)

Them? Really?! (Part 3)

And Jesus came up and spoke to them

(Matthew 28.18)

As I alluded to in the last post, the men with whom the King of the Universe entrusted the most precious enterprise in history, were, well, ordinary. In fact, they were so ordinary, every person on the planet could probably say, “Yup, I’ve done that.” or “Yep, I’ve said that.” And we’re not talking about the flattering things they did and said. No, these guys were sinners just like you and I. And I’m guessing that was a strategic choice on Jesus’ part. “Let me find men and women the world can identify with.” Some of their actions are downright embarrassing! They could go from hero to zero in a matter of seconds. Jesus even calls the ring leader “Satan” at one point. But on the other hand, these men were special. They were spiritually hungry. They endured the hardship of an austere apostolic lifestyle. They were lumped into the fierce scrutiny that Jesus attracted as a lightning rod of social, financial, political, and religious upheaval. They would eventually be known as the men who had “been with Jesus” (Acts 4.13) and all but one would ultimately be martyred for their allegiance to the King. Do you feel unqualified to be a disciple-maker? Welcome to the club! In fact, I would stay away from any would-be disciple-maker that thinks he or she has it all together. You might end up as “collateral damage” when that lightning bolt hits. We are all in need of a Savior. And that’s the beauty of the gospel. By the King’s mercy and grace, He molds and fashions us into the people we were always meant to be. (Rom 8.29) He takes that which is ordinary and uses them to perform the extraordinary. All we have to do is be willing teachable subjects and He “makes us into fishers of men.” Are we willing? Are we teachable? Are we looking for others that are willing and teachable?

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