Afraid to Die?

Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

I was walking through the motor pool, minding my own business, when a mechanic suddenly appeared. “Hey Chaplain, you afraid to die?” My response was quick and definite, “Why should I be afraid to die? I’m following Jesus Christ who gives me eternal life.” The answer shocked him. Apparently, this crusty veteran had been ambushing Christians for quite some time. He admitted that when he would get a less than enthusiastic response from the believer, he would chide them for not believing their own religion. I don’t think most believers respond from a lack of faith. When asked a question like that, most of us are thinking about the process of death. The pain and suffering. But if we were given the time to explain fully, we would eventually get to the hope of eternal life in Christ. That’s the part of death we can get excited about. SP196

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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