The Calling of Jesus Christ (Self-Awareness)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 15/100)

Pray that our staff and laborers will have a firm confidence of God’s calling in their lives

Pray that confidence would breed freedom, peace, and fruitfulness

Pray for Ft Drum (We do not have any staff there but a couple from Cadence Intl. is our POC, Tim and Bobbie Bettger)

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Observations from the Call of Jesus (Self Aware of His Calling)

Jesus’ “I have come” Statements

He came to fulfill the Law Mt 5.17

He came to bring a sword and to polarize the believers and non-believers Mt 10.34-35, Lk 12.51

He came in the Father’s Name Jn 5.43

He came to do the Father’s will Jn 6.38

He came down from Heaven Jn 6.42

He came to be sacrificed on a cross Jn 12.27

He came as a light to deliver those who believe from darkness Jn 12.46

He came to bear witness to the truth Jn 18.37-38

He came to call sinners Mt 9.13, Mk 2.17

He came to preach in the towns of Galilee Mk 1.38

He came to judge the earth Lk 12.49

He knows where He came from Jn 8.14

He came at the Father’s bidding Jn 8.42, Jn 16.27, Jn 17.8

He came to bring spiritual blindness and sight Jn 3.39

He came to give life and that more abundantly Jn 10.10

He was even aware of this as a child Lk 2.49

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