The Calling of Jesus Christ (Supernatural Confirmation)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 15/100)

That our staff and laborers will see there calling confirmed by God through the power of the Holy Spirit

That others would affirm the calling of God in our lives

Pray for Carlisle Barracks (Staff: Larry and Rita Sherbondy)

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Observations from the Call of Jesus (Supernatural Confirmation)

The Baptism of Jesus (Mt 3.16-17, Mk 1.9-11, Lk 3.21-22, Jn 1.31-34)

The Heavens were opened (Mt 3.16, Mk 1.10, Lk 3.21)

The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus like a dove (Mt 1.16, Mk 1.10, Lk 3.22, Jn 1.32-33)

A voice came from the Heavens declaring Him to be the Son of God (Mt 3.17, Mk 1.11, Lk 3.22)

The voice proclaimed His sonship to the public (Mt 3.17)

The voice proclaimed His sonship to Him personally (Mk 1.11, Lk 3.22)

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