Jesus in Ephesians (5.1-33)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 24/100)

Pray that we will shine the light of Jesus Christ into the entire US Army

That our marriages will be an example to those we disciple just as Jesus loves His bride the church

Pray for wisdom and guidance as the new Army Leaders Team (ALT) is selected today

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Jesus in Ephesians (5.1-33)

Jesus is referred to 28 times in chapter 5

Jesus loves you 2

He gave Himself up for you 2

He gives an inheritance in His Kingdom 5

He is Light 8

His followers walk in the Light 8

He being the Light produces fruit of goodness, righteousness, and truth 9

He can be pleased 10

He is the Light 14

He has a will for us 17

He can be a part of our heart’s expression (emotion?) 19

He is to be offered thanks for all things in His name 20

He is to be feared 21

He is an example to wives as one to be submitted to 22

He is the Head of the church which submits to Him 23

He is the Savior of the Body 23

He is worthy for the church to submit to Him 24

He is an example for the husbands love to his wife as Christ loved the church 25

He gave Himself up for the church 25

He sanctified the church to Himself 26

He presents to Himself a perfect church in all her glory 26

He nourishes and cherishes the church 29

He has made us members of His body 30

His relationship with the church is a picture of how marriage should be 32

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