Jesus in the Gospel of John (3.1-21)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 17/100)

Pray that we would be spiritually minded enough to receive Jesus’ teachings and integrate them into our lives

Help us to spread the good news of the gift of God given through Jesus through out the Army and into the Nations

Pray for these Staff ministering to the Army in different capacities (Roy and Debbie Garren, Mark and Jennifer Read, Duane and Angela Dayutis, and Joe and Pam Holt)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (3.1-21)

Jesus is a teacher from God (and much more) 2

He teaches in parables 3

He understands the things of the Spirit 4-8

He challenges the religious leader’s thinking with out partiality 9

His testimony was not accepted by many 11

He taught earthly things to illustrate heavenly things 12

He descended from heaven 13

He called Himself the “Son on Man” 13

He would be lifted up as Moses lifted the bronze serpent in the wilderness 14

He is the means of eternal life 15

He was sent as a love gift to the world so that those who believe can have eternal life 16

He was sent to save the world not judge it 17

He is however the standard by which we will be judged (belief or not) 18

He is the Light that came into the world 19

He was not welcomed as the Light because men love darkness 19-20

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