Jesus in the Gospel of John (3.22-36)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 23/100)

Pray that many will be baptized in the name of Jesus through out the Army

That we would experience the Holy Spirit without measure

For Joyce Kilday’s grandson, a soldier, who is lonely and needs encouragement

Pray for these Staff who minister to the Army (Erik Hoyle, Joseph and Katherine Peer, Matt and Carey Purdom, Brandon and Jeneil Russell, Dale and Shanna Shrader, Matt Stubbs, Kip and Julia Warton)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (3.22-36)

Jesus traveled in Judea 22

He spent time with His disciples 22

Jesus was baptizing others (actually, His disciples were) 22

He started drawing more people than John the Baptist 26

He is counted by John as the greater 27-29

He increased while John decreased 30

He came from heaven and is above al things 31

He speaks the Words of God 34

He gives the Spirit without measure 34

He is loved by the Father and has been given all things 35

He is the means for eternal life 36

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