Jesus in the Gospel of John (2.1-25)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 23/100. We’ve been hovering around 25 people praying daily, we’re doing good. Recruit your friends to pray with use.)

Pray that we would minister out of a sense of compassion and timing

That we would entrust ourselves thoroughly to God and not the ideas and dealings of men

Pray for the US Military Academe (Staff: Mark and Patty Stoneburner)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (2.1-25)

Jesus attended a wedding 3 days into His pubic ministry 1

He was known to have disciples 2

He had apparently performed some miracle of provision for His mother prior to this time 3

He was trying to be discrete with the use of miracles and use them with a sense of timing 4

His mother had great confidence in Him and that He would honor her request 5

Jesus honored Mary’s request even though the timing was wrong 7

He turned this seemingly mistimed favor into a full-blown sign 8-11

He chose the time when He would begin to reveal Himself 11

His signs were meant to manifest His glory and cause His disciples to believe 11

Jesus observed the religious holidays 13

He violently attacked spiritual malpractices in the Temple 14-16

His disciples recognized He was fulfilling scripture in His personage 17

His authority was challenged by the Jews 18

He was intentionally vague in His defense 19-22

He left clues for His disciples to help them understand the resurrection, the Scriptures, and His words 22

His words are as important as the rest of Scripture 22

He caused many to believe in Him by His signs 23

He didn’t entrust Himself men because He knew the character of men 24

He didn’t need someone to teach Him because He intuitively knew the character of man 25

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