Jesus in the Gospel of John (20.19-31)

Praying for Our Army Work (Yesterday’s Prayer Warriors: 19/100)

Lord, help us to believe even though we do not see. By the power of Your Holy Spirit guide us to those who would follow You and would walk by faith and not by sight. We pray for the men and women at Fort Hood (Staff: Art and Robin Allen, Kurt and Julia Diederich, Scott and Jean Grant, Mike and Christy Runey, Lauris and Rhonda Shepherd)

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Jesus in the Gospel of John (20.19-31)

Jesus passed through locked doors 19

He says peace be with you 19

He proved His identity by His wounds 20

He says peace be with you again 21

He reminds them that as the Father sent Him, He is sending them 21

He breathed on them the Holy Spirit 22

He gave them the rights for absolution of sins 23

He visited the disciples again in His resurrected body eight days later 26

He again passed through shut doors 26

He again says peace be with you 26

He bids Thomas to test His wounds as evidence to His identity 27

He is call God by Thomas and He doesn’t refute the claim 28

He puts a premium on belief with out sight 29

He performed many more signs then recorded in the Gospel of John 30

He is the Christ, the Son of God 31

His name gives life 31

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