How to Love a Bunch of People –

Read Mt 9.35-10.15, Mk 6.6b-13, Lk 9.1-6 – When Jesus looks at the world, what does He see? He sees “sheep without a shepherd.” And how does He respond? He is overwhelmed with compassion so He runs around like a crazy person, wearing Himself out trying to love as many people as He can, right? Compassionate, Yes. Doing it all Himself, Nope. His first step is to instruct His disciples to pray and ask the Father to send more laborers (shepherds) into the harvest. Step two is to send the same into the harvest. Did you see what Jesus just did? He multiplies His efforts by praying for, training, and sending more laborers (shepherds) into the harvest. Are we praying earnestly for more laborers? Are we multiplying our efforts by training and sending others to shepherd the flock?

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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