But because they served them in the presence of their idols and made the house of Israel fall into sin, therefore I have sworn with uplifted hand that they must bear the consequences of their sin, declares the Sovereign LORD. Ezekiel 44:12

The M1A1 tank was awkwardly sticking out of the hole with its aft end protruding in the air. Fortunately, the crew had avoided major injury even after their abrupt and sudden stop in the darkness. The tank had plunged into a hole that was dug for enemy tanks eight years prior during the 1st Gulf War. Here we were, on a simple training exercise in Kuwait, and the enemy was still causing harm to our guys years after official hostilities had ended. Sin is a lot like that. It has its immediate effects but it can also have long lasting consequences extending years later. These consequences not only affect us but can influence the lives of others as well. We cannot expect God to rescue us from second and third generation repercussions of our mistakes (although often times in His mercy He can). We must make our decisions in life as though we may have to live with the results for years to come. Don’t dig holes you’re afraid you may fall into later. SP264

Author: Chuck & Deb

Chuck & Deb love Jesus!

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