Fervent Prayer and 4th Soil

Not finding 4th soil should bother us as if we were a barren would be parent. Consider the attitudes of Abraham, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth (Gen 15.2-3, 30.1-2, 1 Sam 1.3-16, Lk 1.24-25). They were intensely troubled by the fact that they didn’t have children. That desperation should not drive us to despair but to prayer. Notice Jesus prays all night before He chooses the 12 (Lk 3.12-16) And then just before the cross, Jesus acknowledges that the men were given to Him by the Father (Jn 17.6). 4th soil people are a gift from God so I need to be asking the gift giver for the gift.  First, am I praying that the Holy Spirit would create 4th soil attributes in the existing believers I’m helping? Am I praying that God would help me find 4th soil people in the harvest? The bottom-line question is; “Are we fervently praying that the Father would give us 4th soil people?”

Author: Chuck & Deb

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