Out of this World –

Read Mt 27.11-14, Mk 15.2-5, Lk 23.1-7, Jn 18.28-38 – I’m a big Sci-Fi fan, Especially when it comes to space travel. My curiosity is peaked by what could be out there among the stars. But what I usually watch in movies and read in books is a total fabrication of the mind. It’s just not true or conjecture at best. But another thing that intrigues me is the Kingdom of God. And that’s true! Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” What waits for us beyond the here and now? What truths and adventures hide behind the curtains of this physical existence? I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to explore this kingdom of God’s!

Knowing the End –

Read Mt 20.17-19, Mk 10.32-34, Lk 18.31-34 – Can you imagine knowing how you were going to die? Knowing the exact day and method your enemies would kill you? I have to be honest, it would probably paralyze me and I would try to avoid it if at all possible. And if I couldn’t avoid my demise, I’d want to send my last days surrounded by family in quiet solitude. But Jesus marches straight into His destiny with resolve and confidence in His Father. And He spends those last fleeting days with 12 men that He had chosen to advance His kingdom when He was gone. He was faithful to His mission as the sacrifice for man’s depravity and ensuring His legacy would carry on through His disciples. He not only knew the end, He was faithful to the end. Are we resolved to finish well? Will the kingdom, not comfort, be our chief end to the end?

Thinking with a Purpose –

Read Ps 119.97 – Why am I writing these daily devos? Really two reasons; first and foremost, it’s because it helps me meditate (think with a purpose) on what I just read. And secondly, maybe it will have some benefit to you. 🙂 But the art of meditation is so important. It’s what helps us digest the Word of God so that it goes from the Head, to the Heart, and eventually to the Hands. Let me make my point with a question; Have you ever finished reading something and then wondered what you just read? It’s like we were on auto pilot and cruised through the text but have no recollection of the journey. That’s why I highlight, underline, write a small prayer in the margin of my Bible, or cook up a short devotional for Facebook. It forces me to go back a meditate on what I just read. Are we digesting the Word when we read or listen? Are we 4th Soil People everyday when we meditate on the seed that just fell on us?

Motivation for Association –

Read Lk 15.11-32 – I have been studying the gospels looking for the motivations for association. In other words, why the people wanted to hangout with Jesus and why Jesus wanted to hangout with them. I’ve found a bunch of reasons why people wanted to associate with Jesus; Healing, Eternal Life, Forgiveness, See Miracles, Hear His Teaching, Get Free Food, Be in the Cool Crowd, and the list goes on. But this morning I think I found the #1 reason Jesus wanted to hangout with the people; He loved them. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the son comes to his senses when his stomach starts growling. He decides to repent but only because he’s hungry. On the other hand, what was the father’s motivation for receiving his son back? Pure love, plain and simple. Why do we want to hangout with Jesus? Why do people want to hangout with us?

Eyes on Heaven –

Read Lk 12-14 – Have you ever heard the saying, “They’re so heavenly minded, they’re no earthly good?” It’s cute but I’m not sure it’s accurate. Jesus reminds us over and over again about looking to our future in heaven with Him. And He does this by drawing our attention to the fact that our actions on earth have direct consequences to our rewards in heaven. Things like, don’t fear, store up treasure in heaven, put the kingdom first, don’t worry, be on the alert for His return, love the marginalized, etc… You can see that this list of earthly “dos” will directly impact our eternal rewards. I’m not talking about getting into heaven (Salvation), that is by grace and grace alone. I’m talking about our treasure in heaven. Does the prospect of reward in heaven motivate our day to day activities? Are we teaching people about heaven the way Jesus did?

Fan or Fire –

Read Lk 9.52-56 – When Jesus passed through Samaria on the way to Jerusalem he was shunned. His men, being offended, took it personal and wanted to nuke the village. Jesus rebuked them and shows us a side of leadership that all leaders need to heed; Not everyone is going to be a big fan of what you’re doing. In fact, good leaders do the hard thing but great leaders do the hard thing even when people will not endorse what they are doing. These leaders have a sense of timing, they are patient, they see down the road, and can take it on the chin when they’re decisions aren’t popular with everyone [and without retribution]. Can we bless those who curse us? Can we allow our reputation to be sullied for the sake of the kingdom. 

Striving for Greatness –

Read Mt 18.1-5, Mk 9.33-37, Lk 9.46-48 – Have you ever wanted to be great? I mean like, be the boss, or famous, the most liked, or something like that? I don’t know about you but I have had this ambition all my life and so did the disciples. Now for the record, greatness in the world’s eyes is not all it’s cracked up to be and Jesus let’s His disciples know it. He says, “Whoever humbles himself like this child ​– ​this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Now the world is having none of that! But who’s eyes are we trying to be great in, the world, each other’s, or God’s? Now that really defines greatness, doesn’t it? Like beauty, greatness is in the eyes of the beholder and there is only One who holds everything. Who’s eyes are we trying to be great in?

Having a Moment –

Read Mt 26.69-75, Mk 14.66-72, Lk 22.55-62, Jn 18.18-27 – I feel sorry for Peter. One moment he’s facing down an armed mob with his little sword and the next he denies Jesus when confronted by a little girl. But before we get all uppity and all, don’t we have our “moments?” Haven’t we gone from Hero to Zero in no time flat? Yes, this is our stark reality and that’s why Jesus came and died for all our “moments.” Are you having a “moment” today? Let’s Confess, Repent, and Move On in the glorious victory of our Savior.

Jesus Practiced what He Preached –

Read Mt 26.47-56, Mk 14.43-52, Lk 22.47-53, Jn 18.4-12 – When Judas sold the Son of God for thirty pieces of silver and betrayed Him with a kiss, Jesus called his enemy “friend.” When Peter cut off the ear of one of those seeking to kill Him, Jesus healed His enemy. Jesus commanded us, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” (Mt 5.44) How hard it is to love even those who mildly irritate us let alone someone trying to kill us. And yet Jesus practiced what He preached even in His last hour of agony and pain when He prays for His murders, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do.” (Lk 23.34) When we say “I want to become like Jesus.” is this what we are talking about?

God Loves Beggars –

Read Mt 9.35-38, Lk 10.1-2 – We are often annoyed by begging. People begging for money, kids begging for the latest toy, pets begging for food. But God is not annoyed by beggars. In fact, God commands us to beg! When Jesus tells His disciples to “PRAY” for laborers to be sent into the harvest, the Greek word He uses is “BEG.” It’s like when the leper came to Jesus and begged Him to heal him. (Lk 5:12) Or the demons in the Demoniac begging Jesus not to torment them. (Lk 8:28) And when this same man was delivered from those demons, he begged Jesus that he might follow Him. (Lk8.38) Now that’s some pretty intense begging going on! And in the same way Jesus commands us to beg the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Are we obeying Jesus’s command to beg for laborers? Are we teaching others to obey this command?

Tip: Set an alarm for 10:02 and pray Luke 10.2 daily